Divination Titania / Lenormand Readings

Have a reading using Titania Hardie’s gorgeous card deck based on Mlle. Marie LeNormand, professional fortune-teller of considerable fame in the XIX century, known to have Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte as one of her regular customers.

I’ve been doing readings for friends and family since the set practically fell on my hands while browsing in a bookshop in Glasgow in 2000. Titania has done a beautiful job interpreting Mlle LeNormand’s cards into a modern, full of colour, deck of cards accompanied by a small book with instructions on how to read them.

Appointments last for approximately an hour in a friendly, unhurried atmosphere and cost only £30 per person. Only two people maximum are allowed at any one sitting. You can find me just a couple of miles outside of Elgin, Scotland. Call or text me on + 44 (0) 7392 379578. If you don’t live near or can’t travel, we can use Skype or TimeFace prior arrangement.

For more information you can fill in the following contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I aim to reply within 24 hours. 




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